Architectural experience

Architectural experience

VIASOLUTION specializes in implementing “state of the art” lighting products as part of the architecture using the latest innovative lighting products. The products ensure an amazing “WOW EFFECT” unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Using our lighting products in a building will make sure that the visitor of the building receives an outstanding first hand architectural experience.

Use the floor as a screen… VIASOLUTION gives you the possibility to welcome guests with their names or company logos in the floor as they arrive.

Create dynamic walls…. VIASOLUTION gives you the possibility to have moving logos, images, patterns and shadows implemented in the wall in a new innovative way.

Indoor smartphone navigation… VIASOLUTION gives you the possibility to offer people in for example a hospital, shopping center or university wayfinding on their smartphone​. As a bonus it will, at the same time, be possible to push promotions and adverts on it.

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