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VIASOLUTION is proud to announce an official collaboration with the international specialist in sensory rooms Bjorn Wennerwald – Wavecare and Jesper Stockholm – ZenSpaces.

Wavecare is developing ambient applications for health and wellbeing in hospitals and eldercare. The company can transform the ambience inside a hospital ward into a welcoming and positive space. Audiovisual stimulation has a well documented calming effect for patients and staff in hospitals.

Read more about results from the Evaluation of Sensory Delivery Rooms at North Zealand Hospital

Partners sensory rooms:

    • Wavecare – ambient visual applications for health and wellbeing
    • Zen Spaces – Sound Aid – music solution designed to create a safe and calming environment


Sound Aid Select – music program

Scientists statements

Sensory room at Holmris

Music to remedy sleep problems – by Zen Spaces

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