Our achievements

luminous-textile achievements

VIASOLUTION uses the latest lighting technology from the worlds leading innovators in order to bring spaces to life.

Lighting is a “mood changer” as it affects our emotions. Lighting can, if used correctly, accomplish many great things. Apart from being an efficient and stress-free wayfinding tool it can also enhance people’s ability to achieve better efficiency in the actual working environment. And tests have also shown, that using the right lighting, has the ability to reduce anxiety in people. (A fact used on the Maternity ward in Hillerød, which resulted in a reduction of medicine usage after this lighting was introduced).

VIASOLUTION works with leading architects and design companies around the world. Together with our partners, we come up with innovative solutions around sound absorption using Luminous Textiles on walls or ceilings.

VIASOLUTION´s lighting products can also support our clients experience or act as a branding tool, using dynamic movement and colored LED lighting composition in walls, ceilings or floors.

VIASOLUTION´s lighting solutions is an evolutionary addition to wayfinding, projects, assisting people getting from A to B. Our solutions will have a strong impact in a great variety of settings; Retail, healthcare, education, hospitality or airports just to mention a few.